Hi, I’m Amrit. I’m an iOS developer, dog mom, & plantswoman.



Designed, developed, published Gurbani, a Sikh lifestyle and reference app, to the Apple App Store. With more than 700 downloads since launch and a 60-70% daily active session rate, Gurbani is proving to be a useful iOS app for its steadily growing target audience

Co-founded two profitable businesses. Maidologie.com (a local home services business) was launched in mid 2014 and successfully sold in December 2015. Makenter.com (a collaborative accessories and home good ecommerce business) was launched in 2016 and closed in in 2017 after limited success.


I have an aggressively friendly german shepherd dog named Shadow. She can clear a 6 foot fence with just a hop and has absolutely no shame.

Also an avid plantswoman, I volunteer as a Master Gardener, and am serious about fruit tree grafts & tomato varieties (personal record of growing 47 tomato plants in 2018).